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55 E Erie
Chicago, Illinois 60611
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About Mark Becker

As they say, “always follow your heart,” and “ALWAYS listen to your mother.” I have a passion and inherent sense about real estate, design, and market trends. As a life-long Chicagoan, I have purchased, renovated, designed, and sold several properties of my own, both single family homes and condominiums. In each case, my instincts and passion led to knowing exactly when—and what—to buy, how to enhance the value, and when to sell to maximize returns.

So, after 25+ years of assisting non-profit organizations build, reinvent, and sustain their fundraising and marketing programs, I am finally taking my mother’s advice—as well as that of my heart—and bringing my knowledge and passion for real estate to a new career. I am honored to be establishing a team with Mark Pfeifer, a long-time friend and Broker Associate at Jameson Sotheby's International Realty. Mark has been recognized by Jameson Sotheby's International Realty as a "Top 50 Producer" each year since he began his career. Mark and I both have extensive experience in customer service and attribute our past career success’ to our ability to gain the trust and respect of individuals from a wide range of backgrounds. We believe that selling or purchasing a home is not simply a “transaction" but a long-term relationship. And we are committed to building a successful relationship with our clients.

As a bonus, I can finally make my Italian mother happy by pursuing a career she has told me to explore for years. I look forward to working for and with you.

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    • 3 Beds
      • $600
      • $31,111
    • 5 Beds  |  3 Full Baths & 1 Partial Bath
      • 1991
      • $499
      • Less Than .25 Acre
      • $25,016
    • 2 Beds
      • 1970
      • $475
      • $15,045
    • 5 Beds
      • 1905
      • $271
      • Less Than .25 Acre
      • $14,774
    • 3 Beds  |  3 Full Baths & 1 Partial Bath
      • 1929
      • $249
      • Less Than .25 Acre
      • $20,623
    • 3 Beds  |  2 Full Baths & 1 Partial Bath
      • 1988
      • $291
      • $9,858